Angel stands at 163cm/5 feet 4 inches, and looks delightfully wanton.

She comes across as delightfully realistic, with a tall slim build.
She is well suited to many different outfits, and this one works particularly well on her.

Her body is highly athletic in figure, and slim and flexible, her appearance, while busty is very model-like. 
She is a 100% solid silicone hyper-realistic sex doll, with a Steel or Aluminium skeleton contained therein.

She has the 163cm large breast body with Angel head in these images. 


  • With Head: 163cm - 5 Feet 4 inches
  • Without Head: 149cm - 4 Feet 10.7 inches


  • Organic Silicone Pro 33kg - 72.8lbs
  • Platinum Silicone Pro 33kg - 72.8lbs
  • Organic Silicone 26kg - 57.3lbs
  • Platinum Silicone 34kg - 75.0lbs
  • Bust: 88cm - 34.6 inches
  • Chest: 68cm - 26.8 inches
  • Waist: 58cm - 22.84 inches
  • Hips: 87cm - 34.3 inches

Interactive areas: O/FV&RV/A - Oral, Fixed Vagina & Removable Vagina, and Anal capacity.

Silicone Types

There are four options for the silicone on a doll:

  1. Organic Silicone PRO - has 4 layers to it.
  2. Platinum Silicone PRO
  3. Organic Silicone
  4. Platinum Silicone
  • SiliconeVs
  • SiliconeVs
  • SiliconeVs


The Skin of your doll, can have a major impact upon the look you wish her to have.

Please select the skin that you believe will please you the most.

  1. Normal Asian

  2. Pale Pink

  3. Tan


The eye sits within a plastic socket, and can freely move around.
Some wadding in the socket gives enough friction for the eye to hold position.

  • Doll Eye Socket

There are 6 choices for eyes:

  • Brown
    Doll Eyes

  • Gray (Sometimes called Black)
    Doll Eyes

  • Blue
    Doll Eyes

  • Green
    Doll Eyes

  • Red
    Doll Eyes

  • Purple
    Doll Eyes

  • Eye Change Procedure


There are 5 options for wigs:
  1. Wig 1
    XYColo Wigs XYColo Wigs

  2. Wig 2
    XYColo Wigs XYColo Wigs

  3. Wig 3
    XYColo Wigs XYColo Wigs

  4. Wig 4
    XYColo Wigs XYColo Wigs

  5. Wig 5
    XYColo Wigs XYColo Wigs

There is also a custom implanted hair option.
You can opt for implanted hair, and provide images of a style that you would like the factory to imitate - this will not be perfect, but the factory will do their best to do this.
The hair the factory has access to is usually straight, so designs of tight curls are not recommended.

The two options for implanted hair are:
  1. Black Hair
    XYColo Implanted Hair

  2. Brown Hair
    XYColo Implanted Hair

Eyebrows and Eyelashes

There are two options for both Eyebrows and Eyelashes:

  • Painted - The eyebrows are painted on at the factory, and should last the lifetime of your doll
    Attached - The eyelashes are glued to the eyelids in the same way as false eyelashes. These can be removed.
    Doll Eyes

  • Implanted - Actual eyebrow hairs are implanted into the silicone, so you can feel the hair to the touch
    Implanted - The eyelashes are implanted into the eyelids of the doll. Much more secure.
    Doll Eyes


There are two options for the Skeleton of your Doll:
  • Welded Steel - this is the default for platinum silicone, although you can opt to upgrade to the bolted aluminium skeleton. No spine hinge, has wired fingers, and heavier
    Steel Skeleton

  • Bolted Aluminium - this has the default for Organic and PRO Silicone. Is much lighter, has many more hinges, articulated hands, and is bolted rather than welded together.
    This is by far the premium choice.
    Aluminium Skeleton Aluminium Skeleton Aluminium Skeleton


There are two options for the joints of your Doll:
  • Stiff Joints - this is the default for dolls, and is fully posable and will retain the pose, and bear the weight of the doll

  • Loose Joints - the joints are as described and "loose".
    This is good for a doll that will be used in bed only, as the doll will be easy to spoon with.


Aluminium Hands Aluminium Hands Aluminium Hands Aluminium Hands

The hands of the Bolted Aluminium skeleton have Articulated fingers.
All fingers except the little finger are fully articulated - the little finger is still wired, but are much more realistic, and have much greater longevity.

Wired fingers will bend in any unnatural direction, and like all metals, will (in time) fatigue, and break. Leaving you with floppy, un-posable fingers on your doll.
So we advise the optional upgrade to the Aluminium Bolted skeleton, in order to have the articulated hands.


Your Doll will have the foot options:

  • Standard Feet - will not bear the weight of the doll
  • Stand-Up Feet - will bear the weight of the doll, as they have one heel bolt, and a metal strip across the ball of the feet to support the doll.



There are thirteen options regarding Toenails:

  1. Black Toenails
  2. Pearl Pink Toenails
  3. Bright Pink Toenails
  4. Light Pink Toenails
  5. Dark Pink Toenails
  6. Light Red Toenails
  7. Green Toenails
  8. White Toenails
  9. Yellow Toenails
  10. Dark Red Toenails
  11. Natural Toenails
  12. Gold Toenails
  13. Silver Toenails

Pubic Hair

There are two types of pubic hair of your doll:

  • Straight
    Straight Pubic Hair

  • Curled
    Curly Pubic Hair

We can arrange for this to implanted into a specific shape, if you have something in mind.
Please provide us with an image of how you would like it to look, should you wish for this.


There are two options for the vagina of your doll:

  • Fixed Vagina - this is an integral part of the doll
    Fixed Vagina

  • Removable inner vagina - not part of the doll.
    The Insert fits fully behind the vagina/labia, and cannot be seen.
    Once in place there are no difference in appearances between a fixed, and removable vagina.
    Removable Vagina
  • Video of the installation of a vaginal insert.

  • Video of the cleaning of the fixed vagina

Upgrades and Extras

There are upgrades and extras that you can opt for:

  • Soft Butt
  • Soft Breasts
  • Soft Thighs
  • Custom Areolas
  • Back Hook
  • Neck Hook
  • Extra Mole
  • Extra Wig
  • Extra Eyes

  • Neck and Back Hooks images:

Doll Storage

To see the level of care taken to ensure that your doll is not damaged in transit, she is:

  • Wrapped in a sleeping bag
  • Wrapped in an air tube bag for further shock absorption
  • Styrofoam padding placed around the inner walls of the box.
  • Styrofoam cubes placed around the doll, to reduce empty space.
  • Sealed up, and then shipped.



Delivery Times for Love Dolls/Sex Dolls

Delivery times can vary depending upon the complexity of the order and number of dolls ordered.
Typically for a standard doll, you would be looking at approximately 3-5 weeks from order to delivery.

Please expect for the production of a top quality XYColo production to be at least 2 months, and the delivery to take 5-15 days past that.

Vital Statistics
Type Organic Silicone Pro Platinum Silicone Pro Organic Silicone Platinum Silicone
Head Angel
Body 163cm Large Breast
Height 163cm - 5ft 4inches
Weight Organic Silicone Pro 33kg - 72.8lbs Platinum Silicone Pro 33kg - 72.8lbs Organic Silicone 26kg - 57.3lbs Platinum Silicone 34kg - 75.0lbs
Bust 88cm - 34.6 inches
Chest/Band 68cm - 26.8 inches
Waist 58cm - 22.84 inches
Hips 87cm - 34.3 inches
Other Measurements
Shoulder Width 37cm - 14.6 inches
Arm Length 49cm - 19.3 inches
Leg Length Hip bone to ankle: 88cm - 34.6 inches
Upper Arm Girth 22cm - 8.7 inches
Wrist Girth
Thigh Girth 49cm - 19.3 inches
Calf Girth 31cm - 12.2 inches
Ankle Girth
Foot Length 22cm - 8.7 inches
Interactive Areas
Vaginal Depth
Anal Depth
Oral Depth

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163cm Large Breast Angel

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