Namei stands at 155cm/5 feet 1.0 inches.

She is slim, yet curvy, and looks good in many different outfits, both formal and casual.

Her body has a classic look, and is easy to dress. 

She is a 100% Silicone with foam core sex doll, with a metal skeleton contained therein.

She has the 155cm B-Cup body with head Namei

Full Height with Head: 155cm - 5 Feet 1 inches

Weight: 23kg - 50.7 lbs (without head, then +3kg)

Bust: 78cm - 30.7 inches
Chest: 64cm - 25.2 inches
Waist: 57cm - 22.4inches
Hips: 92cm - 36.2 inches

Vaginal Depth : 13/15cm - 5.1/5.9inches
Anal Depth : 13cm - 5.1 inches

Interactive areas: FV & RV/A - Fixed Vagina & Removable Vagina, and Anal capacity.

Body Shape

Body Detailing

Soft Head, Soft Butt

Insert/Remove the Removable Insert

You can of course, have a fixed vagina, so nothing to insert or remove, just a bit trickier to clean.

Skin tones





5 types:

  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Brown
  • Light Green
  • Dark Green


9 types:










Implanted Hair

5 Optional types:







12 types:


2 types:

Standard - Just like a regular foot, but cannot stand well

Stand-Up - has 3 bolts through the sole of the foot, which allows the doll to stand for months.


2 types:



Vital Statistics
Type Silicone
Head Namei
Body Tayu 155cm B-Cup
Height 155cm - 5ft 1 inches
Weight 23kg - 50.7 lbs
Bust 78cm - 30.7 inches
Chest/Band 64cm - 25.2 inches
Waist 57cm - 22.4 inches
Hips 92cm - 36.2 inches
Other Measurements
Shoulder Width 26.5cm - 10.4 inches
Arm Length
Leg Length
Upper Arm Girth
Wrist Girth
Thigh Girth
Calf Girth
Ankle Girth
Foot Length
Interactive Areas
Vaginal Depth 13/15cm - 5.1/5.9inches
Anal Depth 13cm - 5.1 inches
Oral Depth

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155cm Namei B-Cup (C)

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