170cm EVO Sasa

  • 170cm EVO Sasa DollHouse168
  • 170cm EVO Sasa DollHouse168
  • 170cm EVO Sasa DollHouse168
  • 170cm EVO Sasa DollHouse168
  • 170cm EVO Sasa DollHouse168
  • 170cm EVO Sasa DollHouse168
  • 170cm EVO Sasa DollHouse168

Material : TPE
Height : 170 cm
Net Weight : 36 kg

Bust : 87 cm
Waist : 55 cm
Hip : 92 cm

Shoulder : 37 cm
Length of Arm (to Hand) : 55 cm
Length of Leg : 84 cm
Length of Foot : 21 cm

Depth of Oral : 13 cm
Depth of Anal : 15.5 cm
Depth of Vagina : 16 cm

Interactive Areas: Oral, Fixed/Removable Vagina, Anal.

Skin Colour

Skin Colour Options

There are Three skin colour options with a DollHouse168 EVO doll:

  • Tan
  • Honey Light
  • White

Eye Colour

Eye Colour
There are Four options for eye colour with DollHouse168 dolls:
  • Blue-Green
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Brown

Hair Options


There are six hair options with a DollHouse168 doll:

  • A1 Brown Bob Hair
  • A2 Black Bob Hair
  • A3 Brown Mid Length Hair
  • B1 Long Blonde Hair
  • B2 Long Brown Hair
  • B3 Long Black Hair

Foot Type

Foot Type

There are two foot types with a DollHouse168 doll:

  • Standing - Will bear the weight of the doll on 3 studs in the feet
  • Normal - better for people who desire a real foot, but will not be able to stand the doll for more than 30 minutes.

Vagina Type


There are two types of vagina with a DollHouse168 doll:

  • Built in - much like a real woman, where the vagina is an itegral part of the doll
  • Insert - where an insert is placed into the vaginal cavity (past the labia, so cannot be seen - unlike the image) and can be easily removed for cleaning.

Hymen Option

There is a hymen option for your Fixed Vagina doll that can be ordered.
This will need to be popped to allow you to use the doll appropriately.

Pubic Hair

Pubic Hair

There are three colours of pubic hair that can be applied/implanted to a DollHouse168 EVO doll.

So the options are:

  • None
  • Black (£40)
  • Brown (£40)
  • Blonde (£40)

Breast Options

Breast Options

Breasts can either be:

  • Solid - for a more organic feel
  • Hollow - for a more jiggly experience

Finger & Toe Nails

Finger Nail Options

Fingernails and Toenails for your doll.


Lip Options

Lips can either be::

  • Natural with a matte effect to the colour
  • Coated with a gloss effect.