Dolls In-Stock & Speciality Dolls

These dolls are in stock, and do not need to be produced at a factory or studio. This means that options for the doll are also reduced, and may have no options at all.

Delivery times are greatly reduced - 48 hours for the UK, on average a few days for Europe (depending upon where you are.)

Kayla DS 160cm +

Kayla DS 160cm+ Doll Love Doll Sex Doll UK London
Height: 160cm/5' 3", Pink Skin.
Weight: 28.5kg/63lbs
Price £2,500 - Free delivery


Trixi  YL160cm #56

Trixi 160cm TPE Love Sex Doll UK
Height: 160cm/5' 3", Brown Skin.
Weight: 42kg/93lbs
Price £1,600 - Free delivery


Addeline Sanhui 156cm

Amelia 156cm Silicone Sex Doll Love Doll London UK
Height: 156cm/5' 1", Weight: 30-32kg/66-70lbs, B/W/H: 78/54/81cm 31/22/32
Price £1,450 - Free Delivery


Xymona WM155cm #56

Xymona, WM 155cm Large Breast Head #56, Love Sex Doll, London, UK
Height: 155cm/5 ' 1", PINK Skin.
Weight: 28kg/62lbs
Price £1,500 - Free delivery


Amelia Sanhui 165cm+

Amelia 165cm Sanhui Love Sex Doll, London UK
Height: 165cm/5' 5", Weight: 30kg/66lbs, B/W/H: 73/50/76cm 29/20/30"
Price £1,850 - Free Delivery


Pre-Owned: Trixi/Angel WM 140cm #56/#36

Trixi/Angel 140cm Large Breast TPE love doll sex doll UK
Height: 155cm/5 ' 1", Brown Skin.
Weight: 28kg/62lbs
Price £975 - Free delivery