About Us

The-Doll-House (a trading name of Autumn Lords Associates Ltd. UK company number: 6455705) is a retailer of Premium quality, photorealistic, kinaesthetically convincing, high-end, luxury sex dolls, with which to fulfil any whims you may have.

Please check our webstores internationally:

  •  Ireland/EU 
  •  USA - District of Columbia 
  •  USA - New England
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  •  Mexico

Please find a variety of dolls on  sale from some of the finest manufacturers of Love dolls/Sex dolls:
Peruse a selection of individual heads, bodies, hair, eyes, skin colour, nails, and accessories to assist with your doll 'experience'.
All images used throughout the site are of the dolls for sale, and all positions seen within the imagery are achieved with ease with The-Doll-House sex dolls.

Please be aware that there are many unscrupulous dealers of so-called "TPE and/or Silicone Sex Dolls", who steal the imagery from the above manufacturers, in order to advertise what looks like a real Love Doll Sex Doll.
These companies (such as those found at: Alibaba.com, Shopoza, Ovdoll) will then either:

  • Supply you with a fake, sub-standard copy of the advertised doll,
  • Supply you with a doll that is not fully solid TPE or Silicone (partial inflatable) 
  • Not supply you with anything, but simply take your money.

All legal jurisdication for the sale of Dolls from The-Doll-House lies within the UK/European Union, and so PayPal has full purchase protection/power to return any monies to you that have been paid to The-Doll-House , where you are less than satisfied with your purchase.

The-Doll-House supplies TPE and silicone love doll/sex dolls, which have metal skeleton that is fully positionable (with enough resistance to support the weight of the doll), with a TPE or latex skin situated around the metal frame/skeleton, to give a very life-like feel to the skin, and a true to life human shape.

The enhanced realism of these dolls is such, that many dolls have been used as an artist's Muse - they can be dressed, and positioned all day, without a single movement.  Perfect for an artist wishing to master their craft.
Photographers and Graphic Artists have used dolls for photographic and image manipulation purposes, as any imagery produced will be free of any licensing, and the artist retains copyright, all for the price of a doll.

The sexual benefits of a doll are vast:

  • People spending significant time away from home/spouse for work
  • People wishing to improve their sexual stamina/combat premature ejaculation
  • People wishing to experiment with new sexual positions that their spouse cannot
  • People wishing for sexual release without a spouse
  • Been divorced? Had your finances ripped out through your chest? Cannot face the prospect of another relationship/divorce court? A Sex Doll will seem a bargain at The-Doll-House prices in comparison!

The list can go on,,,
One question remains,

"What do I want to do with my Doll today?"