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Latest Additions

16.67% off
Virgin WM 156cm Head #88 Virginie

Virgin WM 156cm Head #88 Virginie

Virgin-Virginie stands at 156cm/5 feet 1.4 inches, and has an fresh look. She is another of our in-s..

£1,250.00 £1,500.00

10.71% off
Virgin 170cm Cheyenne

Virgin 170cm Cheyenne

Virgin Cheyenne stands at 170cm/5 feet 6.9 inches. We are holding new stock for customers fast deliv..

£1,250.00 £1,400.00

6YE 158cm A-Cup Head N59 Lillith

6YE 158cm A-Cup Head N59 Lillith

Lillith stands at 158cm/5 feet 2.2 inches, and has a fresh look. She comes across delightfully, wit..


12.5% off
172cm B-Cup Sweeti

172cm B-Cup Sweeti

Sweeti stands at 172cm/5 feet 8 inches, and looks ultra sweet.  She comes across realistically..

£1,400.00 £1,600.00

163cm Sino Extreme RRS Mifei Off Work

163cm Sino Extreme RRS Mifei Off Work

Mifei (Head T5) is a 163cm height RRS Extreme Platinum Silicone Sex Doll.She has an Oriental look wi..


155-172cm Elina & WanYing - Gynoid

155-172cm Elina & WanYing - Gynoid

Elina is a 162cm (in these images) Model 15 A-Cup, and WanYing is a Model 16 C-Cup Platinum Silicone..


158cm Sino Extreme RRS T10 Missy

158cm Sino Extreme RRS T10 Missy

Missy is a 158cm height Platinum Silicone RRS Sex Doll, and an RRS version of Chris. She has be..


160cm A-Cup Yukari

160cm A-Cup Yukari

Yukari stands at 160cm/5 feet 3 inches, and has an "knowing" look. She comes across with a realist..


10% off
163cm Yukari Fixed Head #70

163cm Yukari Fixed Head #70

Yukari stands at 163cm/5 feet 4 inches, and looks East-West mixed, and has a fixed head (not removab..

£1,350.00 £1,500.00

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